SAP Enterprise Support


Frequent challenges in localization
Investment value
Missing critical support

Capabilities Access proactive and preventative support from day one

SAP Enterprise Support is a premium support and maintenance plan for SAP customers. It is the most common support plan, ensuring customers have access to the latest technologies and tools, as well as access to SAP experts.

SAP Enterprise Support goes beyond supporting just SAP applications, providing end-to-end support of a customer’s entire platform, including mission-critical customer and partner applications. It is designed to accommodate any size of organization, any industry, or application configuration.

What are the benefits

Advantages of SAP Enterprise Support


Connect with SAP experts and other SAP customers


Use the SAP Enterprise Support Academy to build up needed know-how

Innovation & Value Realization

Unlock the business value of existing investments

Mission Critical Support

Gets you the attention you need at the speed you expect

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