MyWayBI on SAP Analytics Cloud


Need for an intelligent BI solution that is predictive and prescriptive
Having dashboards with clear information about main KPI's
Integration of workflow guided planning process with ERP
Access to real-time information about business
Immediate need for a BI solution


SAP Analytics Cloud’s business intelligence and augmented analytics capabilities help you evaluate and predict business outcomes. Now, you can reduce uncertainty and confidently make data-informed decisions beyond human bias with one simple cloud solution.

Our customized solution MyWayBI will allow you take advantage of the following capabilities:

  • Instant delivery of BI solution in small packages – max 90 days to finish
  • SAP Analytics Cloud is IBCS certified
  • Augmented Analytics
    • Smart Insights
    • Smart Predict
    • Search to Insight
    • Smart Discovery
  • Integrated planning process supported by workflow
What are the benefits

Advantages of MyWayBI on SAP Analytics Cloud

Real-time access to live data

BI solution with real-time access to S/4HANA live data.


Collaborative development

We build your BI solution together with your people.


Smart dashboards

Smart dashboards will help you to better understand your data.

Integrated planning

Make end-to-end decisions with confidence, in one single workflow from planning to insights.


Ready to get started? Let us know!

Do you think you can take advantage of MyWayBI on SAP Analytics Cloud? We’re sure there is a use case that benefits you! Get in touch with us for extra details or to see it in action.

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