Simplifying processes
Need for machine integration
Digitalization and Industry 4.0


We extend, integrate and automate SAP ERP production process with the following functions:

  • CheckIN/CheckOUT (1:1; 1:N; N:M, N:1)  … (to operation/to work center)
  • Actual timing for setup, work with structure of operation/routing definition
  • Yield (quantities)
  • Scrap (quantities, reasons)
  • Breakdowns(start/stop/reason)/integrated to SAP Plant Maintenance
  • Flexible posting, confirmations, goods movement
  • Handling Unit Postings at Machine/Machine Piece Counting Integration
  • Production supply, material call-offs (included KANBAN, also PROCESSI dynamic Kanban)
  • Printing and labels management in all SCM steps
  • Graphical analytics by design
  • Daily overview (progress/productivity)
  • Breakdowns,…
  • OEE calculation, possible extension
  • Operations/Orders overview/monitor (quantities, status,…)
  • Documents viewer (SAP DMS and attachments)
  • Machine integration: SAP ERP – SAP Plant Connectivity (PCo) – OPC – PLC (both direction)
  • Integration to PROCESSI SAP eTerminalCo for materials WHM movements/postings
  • Worker process steps control on panel/terminal
What are the benefits


SAP S/4 HANA platform

Use one platform for ERP/MES/Machine processes powered by S/4 HANA


Integrated production and material flow processes


Simple and automated process execution

All Industries

Support for Discrete Production Orders and Process Orders

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