PROCESSI and the SAP platform for small and large digitalization steps

.. The state of an organization’s IT infrastructure got even more important with the current global situation, no matter its size or industry sector ..

To solve your business challenges you need a trustworthy partner that knows how to handle everything and is able to provide top of the line solutions and consulting. If you’re looking for someone that uses a collaborative approach and works with experts in their fields to provide something more, you should definitely consider the company PROCESSI.

Our company PROCESSI, a leading, specialized consulting company with 20 years of experience, implements any needed solutions that satisfy an organization’s comprehensive needs in regards to its business cycle using the well proven and globally supported SAP platform. We also offer solutions covering specific business areas and are able to completely adjustable to your needs. You can choose from among the various SAP solutions and our own PROCESSI enhancements. This allows us to provide you the right solution that will solve your business challenge.

Covering your business operations from start to finish – even in the cloud

Let’s take a look at the most important and cutting-edge SAP solutions out there.

SAP S/4HANA facilitates your core business operations. It represents a new generation of business information systems that in addition to all functionalities of previous SAP ERP systems, supports embedding modern technologies in your processes, like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), predictive analytics and many others. With tried and tested best business practices for 26 industries and business sectors it allows your company to quickly respond to ever bigger changes on today’s markets and maked agile business decisions whether your company is small, big, or large. The platform can process data in real time and offers immediate access to the results.

The SAP Sales Cloud is a modern CRM solution from the SAP C/4HANA product family that is being used by reference companies. It runs on HANA in-memory technology and is cloud based, using a subscription licensing model.

Your Marketing and Strategic sales departments are now able to focus on the right information, the right customers and and the right products using the best marketing and sales approaches. A central 360 degree customer view, automated processes with workflows, KPI overviews/reports, AI support, e-mail integration and mobile device compatibility along with fully supported integrations with other SAP solutions (C/4HANA family, S/4HANA ERP, SAP Analytics Cloud) are the key building blocks of an agile CRM solution.

SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) is an innovative solution that helps manage challenges in supply chain planning. SAP IBP runs on HANA in-memory technology and is cloud based, using a subscription licensing model. It encompases sales & operations planning (S&OP), demand planning, supply planning (manufacturing and purchasing), inventory optimisation using statistical processing, heuristics, optimizers, and further AI processing. Advanced analytics, simulation scenarios and alarms allow you to meet current and future planning challenges. Support for Microsoft Excel user interface, modern graphical tools and integrations with many SAP solutions, as well as other ERP systems, provide the necessary flexibility in planning.

SAP SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) is a cutting-edge solution allows you to report, plan, predict and simulate your business outcomes using your phone, tablet, or laptop while taking advantage of the power of the cloud. You can link various data sources, for example, live access to business data in S/4HANA ERP system. Built-in AI brings you advanced analytics functionalities such as Smart Insights, Smart Predict and Smart Discovery.

PROCESSI MyWay Smart Factory 4.0 is a model and customer-optimised configuration of processes, digital IT infrastructure, SAP platform and PROCESSI solutions. It’s defined by its digital strategy, customizability and financial accessibility in regards to your goals.

From 5 to 1000 users

Any solution can be installed on-premise (if supported) or in the cloud for a pre-defined scope and price. Let us emphasize that these solutions are suitable for all kinds of organizations. We have implemented solutions in small companies with 5 users and larger companies where the sistem is regularly used by more than a 1000 users.

Our consultants have at least 15 years of experience in their fields. We have successfully completed over 60 projects which proves our status as a trustworthy partner. This is only confirmed by the “awards” that are the result of our good work and professionalism. Thus the company PROCESSI was announced the SAP Partner of the Year in 2017/2018 and SAP Cloud Partner of the Year in 2019/2020. We’re also a certified SAP Gold Partner and member of Automotive Cluster of Slovenia, ACS+, Industrial Slovenian Association of Toolmakers, TECOS as well as multiannual recipients of Triple A Bisnode Golden Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence.

We at the company PROCESSI are aware of the need and importance of vision and comprehensive understanding of singular steps for all participants towards your end goal in the process of digitalization and Industry 4.0; that applies to all participants – and that’s how we operate.

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